Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How to customize your Car Seat Covers with applique embroidery services:

It's good to be able to express your personality even in your car. One of the best ways is to customize your car seat cover, which actually looks beautiful. Applique embroidery services are going to describe the proper way if you want to know how to modify your boring car seat covers.

Applique embroidery designs:
This is your logo for custom seat covers using your favorite sports team. You can also customize it with the image of your favorite cartoon character or flower. Follow the simple steps given below to create amazing applique embroidery services designs:
Start by purchasing the fabric of your favorite image.
Choose a structure that has a large enough image.
You need to cut the image and put it on the cover.
Iron the image on the seat cover.
For the ideal result, you should make sure you use the correct heat setting the iron. To prevent the synthetic material from melting, you should place a piece of cloth between the iron and the back cover of the car. You should finish the label by stitching the edges of the image to the hood.
Tie and dye
This is ideal when you are working on a tight budget.
Buy a white car cover and a big rubber band.
Buy at least four colors of your favorite dye.
Cut your cover into large and small areas.
Put your favorite dye in a vat and dip the cover of each section in the bucket.
Make sure the car is covered with dye saturated.
If darker, the impregnation process should be repeated. Once the back covers are completely dyed, you should rinse them with fresh water, remove the rubber bands and allow them to dry. To remove excess dye, you should wash the back cover of the car before use. We stock high-quality applique embroidery services at affordable price.

With Embroidery designs:
This technology allows you to add your name or your nickname over your car. You should buy the cover from the shop and take them to an embroidery shop. If you are not getting there you can book your order online.
For the ideal result, you should buy a white black, brown or gray cover. Covering with these colors makes it easy to add your personality to a bright, colorful thread.
Embroideryservices are generally provided in many printed t-shirt companies, and for you to get what you want, you should write a detailed description of what you are interested in. You should describe the desired words, fonts, and thread colors.

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